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“I really enjoyed the Exploring Consciousness Workshop. It was very well organized, from the comprehensive manual you provided to all the different meditation exercises you taught us on how to access the Focus 10 and Focus 12 states of consciousness. I learnt how these expanded States of Consciousness can be used to problem solve. Also, you showed us the ways the different techniques we learnt can be used in everyday life. It was a great introduction to doing a full length course either online or in person at the Monroe Institute. Thank you so much for your thoughtful attention in running this event. You thought of everything, which ensured its success.”
- S. W.
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"It was a very interesting experience, I was able to deeply relax and learn new meditation techniques. On top of that, through the exercises, I got some insights about personal questions, helping me to make decisions. I strongly recommend this workshop for everyone who is looking to improve self awareness and spirituality.
- A. R.
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